Treatment Plant

Our modern, state-of-the-art Grease Trap Waste Treatment Plant has the capacity to store 500 tonnes before treatment.

Our vacuum tanker drivers arrive at our depot in the Western Suburbs of NSW and scan their load into “Waste-id” where details of the load are recorded by Sydney Water for tracking purposes.

Grease Trap loads are filtered, to remove debris, then transferred to heated setting tanks where the oils, aqueous content and sludge is separated and transferred to dedicated storage vessels. Waste oils are sent for processing, the aqueous content is transferred to the DAF (Diffused Air Flotation) feed tank and the sludge is transferred to a storage tank for further treatment, then sampled and tested before being transported to farms for soil amendment purposes.

Our DAF treatment plant has the capacity to treat 28000 litres per hour. The plant is operated by one person from one location, all tanks, pumps and valves are operated from the central control panel. All tanks have high level cut-off switches and are situated in a bundled area that can contain 110% of the volume of the largest storage vessel.

The treatment plant is EPA and Sydney Water approved and all the plant operators have been trained on the operation of the plant and the safety and environmental impacts are given the highest priority.

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