Soil Amendment

Our organic waste soil injection technology allows us to turn organic liquid residuals and by-products from food and beverage manufacturers into nutrient-rich fertiliser. The organic waste is collected and treated without being exposed to air, preserving valuable nitrogen and phosphorus until application.

Eligible organic by-products used in soil injection include:

  • Dairy, ice cream and yogurt sludge
  • Food waste meant for product destruction (out-of-date food and beverage such as juice, soft drinks and alcohol)
  • Flavouring, sauces and pastes


For agriculture
Soil injected fertiliser delivers value through increased soil nutrients and water retention in a cost effective manner that improves your business operations. A soil injecting program is proven over time to lessen the amount of inorganic fertiliser required and reduce the ecological impact of your operations.
For industry
The collection of your organic by-products provides a complete end-to-end recycling solution for businesses seeking to improve their sustainability KPIs or move towards zero waste to landfill targets. Soil injected fertiliser will often be used in pasture near your operations, allowing you to contribute directly to your community’s environment.
For regulatory authorities
You can feel secure in the knowledge that Itreat PTY LTD has a long, proven history of supporting industries and communities within established guidelines and has worked with authorities to help shape those guidelines.
Liquid waste from vegetable and fruit canning process

How soil injection treatment works

Itreat PTY LTD collects organic by-products from food and beverage manufacturers and transports them to pasture sites with our fleet of purpose-built vehicles. The organic material collected is stored onsite in bulk storage tanks to be assessed and readied for application.

The organic by-product is then transferred to specialised agricultural equipment and injected below the soil surface to an approximate depth of ten to 30cm. The paddocks are then ploughed to ensure the product is incorporated into the topsoil layer. This nutrient-rich material is processed and recycled into fertiliser for agricultural land.

Itreat PTY LTD then injects the organic by-products into crop soil to:

  • Maximise nutrient value
  • Increase water retention
  • Produce high quality crops and animal feed
  • Reduce cost from inorganic fertilisers

This results in an end-to-end recycling solution that encourages zero waste to landfill

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