Oil water separator waste management

Waste oil water separators are used to separate oil and water with the water being treated for discharge into sewers. Most machines operate by separating oil and water based on the principle of gravity displacement, utilising gravity plates, centrifugal force, floatation, hydrocyclone and other methods.

Oil and water separators are used in various industries, from crude oil production to vegetable and mineral oil manufacturing. They are also used on ships to prevent oil and other contaminants from reaching the ocean.

Regular oil water separator waste management includes servicing your tank every three to six months, depending on type and volume. This usually involves removing accumulated waste from the tank, followed by a deep service clean, if required. Depending on your location and industry, your waste oil water separator tank may also be regulated by water authorities, making regular service essential.

Businesses that use oil water separators include:

  • Automotive workshops
  • Car washes
  • Marine ships
  • Mining
  • Food manufacturing businesses

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