What is a Grease Trap?

A grease trap is a tank built to trap solids from the kitchen drains while allowing the water portion to flow out into other waste tanks or straight to the trenches. The grease trap has the important job of containing the grease and solids which would otherwise begin to block the pipes and eventually destroy the trenches.

How does a grease trap work?

Liquid waste (grease, food particles and water) exits your kitchen sink and enters the grease trap via the “inlet”. Because grease floats, it is trapped between the “baffle walls” allowing the water to flow out of the outlet either into underground piped dispersion areas (trenches) or into grey water holding tanks.

Why grease trap blockages occur

When trapped grease builds up between baffle walls to the point where grease cannot be retained in the grease trap, it will automatically flow out of the outlet, eventually solidifying in outlet pipes and blocking up drains and can eventually block or destroy the trenches.

Why does a grease trap need regular pump out?

Once the fat has accumulated in the grease trap, if it’s not emptied, it will begin to block up the outlet pipe, encourage vermin, cause bad odours and eventually overflow. Cleaning the grease trap regularly helps prevent the grease from accumulating on the walls and baffles. The grease eventually eats into these surfaces until they need repair or replacement.

How to Clean a Grease Trap

When choosing a company to pump out your grease trap, it’s important to check that they will perform a thorough pump out, clean and inspection of the tank. On every occasion we provide the highest quality clean to ensure your tank is kept in optimum condition. Our regular service includes:

  • Lift the main lid and pump out the grease trap
  • Scrape down all walls and baffles to remove accumulated grease and dirty water
  • Rinse out the tank with a garden hose
  • Pump out the rinse out residue
  • Inspect the tank and advise of any repairs or maintenance needed

Tips for maintaining your grease trap

Follow these guidelines to keep your grease trap in good condition:

  • Use strainers in the sink
  • Wipe grease out of pans before washing
  • Don’t pour oils down the sink CALL ITREAT FOR FREE USED OIL COLLECTION.
  • Repair leaking taps
  • Don’t leave taps running unnecessarily
  • Have your grease trap pumped out on a regular basis, and on time, the longer you leave it the more money it cost to clean.


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