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Background behind our chosen business:
iTreat is an Australian owned and operated waste collection, disposal and treatment business that was founded in 2015 by Jason Anderson. iTreat take pride in our efficiencies at delivering the best possible service and support, with a very competitive price structure.

iTreat have promoted innovative, sustainable solutions, specialising in Grease Trap pump outs and Grease Trap cleaning, Oily Water separator service and repair; used cooking oil collections and supply of used cooking oil collection containers , product destruction and soil amendment projects. Our steady, healthy growth help us to forge a reputation for reliability, urgency and efficiency in satisfying the communities essential needs whilst respecting our natural resources.

iTreat own and operate 15 vacuum tankers and a EPA licensed 500 tonne receiving capacity grease trap treatment plant at Pendle Hill. iTreat can also transport oily water and liquid industrial waste to approved EPA licensed facilities.

We cater for small to large loads. iTreat vacuum tankers that range in capacity from 2 tonnes to 24 tonnes. Our smaller vacuum tankers have a height of 1.7 metres which enable access to low height access areas.

iTreat is a professional business with its main depot situated at 5 Nirvana Street Pendle Hill. The current permanent workforce numbers nine personnel, contractors are employed from time to time on a need by need basis.

The business has established continuous and appropriate long term contracts with public and private businesses based in Australia.

In 2019 iTreat gained ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management Systems and ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental Management Systems Accreditation. These certifications are recognition of iTreat’s commitment to quality service and environmentally sound work ethics.

Mission Statement:

The goal of ITreat is to become market leader in the waste collection; specialising in Grease Trap Waste, disposal and treatment business by introducing innovative ideas and methods that strive for environmental solutions and are aimed at reducing the carbon footprint that the current industry activities generate.

At iTreat we feel that we are innovators in the market and with the newly commissioned treatment plant we will be the one stop shop for environmentally sound collection and treatment of wastes.

How we will achieve our commitment to the environment:

Sound environmental treatment begins with plant design; the treatment facility is a new concept and not based on current designs or concepts, the main differences are:

  • Fully enclosed, conical based stainless steel storage tanks with heating jackets to reduce the amount of undesirable residues that require disposal
  • 11 storage tanks with a capacity to contain differing grades of residues to minimise cross contamination of recyclable by-products
  • Systems that are capable of filtering/polishing out the heavy metals and grease and reduce the residuals from a BOD of 600 ppm to 60 ppm.

Recycle streams have been established beyond the current industry practices. Our aim is that 70% of residues will be recycled with the remaining 30% treated with environmentally friendly additives. Recycle streams include;

  • Utilisation of oily wastes in the saponification process for the soap manufacturing industry
  • Close relationships are being formed with Biodiesel converters
  • Another recycle stream is the organic soil injection fertiliser market
  • Processes are being developed where the grease is converted to solid briquettes, combustible biomass material, with high calorific value as a substitute for coal

How we will record, monitor and improve our processes:

The quantity and quality of wastes will be classified, monitored and recorded as it enters the facility. Figures will be kept on what percent of waste goes to which waste stream. When fully operational clients will be able to receive a statistical report on the where their wastes have been utilised.

How we differ from other waste companies:

  • The professional attitude of our management team offer an unprecedented level of customer service and support
  • Our Workers are encouraged to “act like owners” and strive to bring value to customers
  • Focused company activities with due regard to Health, Safety and Environmental issues
  • Our goal is 100% customer service and satisfaction.

Our goal is 100% customer service and satisfaction.

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